Telecom Engineering Services

Antenna Feeder Installation

We provide Antenna and Feeder Runs service after BTS commissioning.

Microwave Installation and Commissioning

We install and commission microwave equipment for new and swap projects.

Fiber Optics

We provide multipurpose fiber installation for indoor and outdoor needs.

In-Building Coverage Design and Implementation

We design and implement on in-building coverage using passive and active systems optimising the GSM/LTE and WiFi technologies.

Technical Site Survey and Reports

We conduct site surveys and provide technical reports to both indoor and outdoor needs.

Local Council Permit Processes

We provide the necessary documentation for approval of local council licenses and permits.

Site Acquisition and Contract Negotiation

We help you negotiate and acquire sites based on your needs through careful approaches with property owners.

Operations and Maintenance

We provide first-level field support to clients requiring on-site troubleshooting post-implementation.